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Before establishing our presence JADEsCha Inc. in Montreal, as a family business we have been providing quality loose leaf teas to tea lovers for more than 23 years in China. Our Chinese tea shop is located at eastern China, a city called Changzhou, where is famous for its green teas and Yixing tea pots. 
We would like to create an environment for people to enjoy more the nature of premium loose leaf tea as tea itself and to appreciate more the simplicity of life associated with tasting tea.The passion towards tea and tea culture has been passed to the next generation - Jade He. As a young professional, she decided to continue to share her family's passion and expert experience in tea here in Canada.  At the same time, as we have our experts with more than 20 years of experience in tea industry, who sources teas all over the country yearly round, we can guarantee the good quality of our teas. 
We also would like to invite you to share with us your experience and creative ideas of anything related to tea, you may send us an email at:; or through our Facebook page at


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