Jasmine Pearl Green Tea/ 50g


Although this tea was originally developed for the European high-end market, but it is for anyone to enjoy. Its flavor reminds you of a Jasmine garden not only the fragrance but the actual fresh flower as well. It gives extremely mellow taste with a sweet and enjoyable after taste, and it does not linger too long in your mouth, goes well with any dinner. Besides, it is also very easy to brew by anyone and not require any special tea ware. Other than it is very affordable price, you can brewing it up to 5 times as well.

Enjoy this magnificent refreshing tea after a hard day's work to relax the body!

Ingredients: Green tea from Fujian, China; Jasmine flower is from Guangxi, China.


A little history of Jamine Pearl tea:

Jasmine tea is not considered an “herbal tea”, because it is actually normal tea (green, white, black, or oolong) that is flavored with jasmine flowers to create the unique scent and taste.

China has a long and famed history with tea, and jasmine is one of the most popular types to emerge from that ancient nation. Jasmine tea first appears in official records during the Song Dynasty, which ended in the 13th Century A.D., but at that time, it was mainly reserved for royalty. Jasmine tea may have originally come from Persia, through India, along with the cultural exportation of Buddhism to China. In later dynasties, jasmine tea became a common export to the western world, and remains very popular to this day.

The tea can be made in a number of ways, of varying strengths and grades. Some are made as loose-leaf teas, while others are cut up and put into teabags. Some are rolled or bound in different shapes, like the very common “jasmine pearl”, usually composed of two tea buds and one tea leaf.

All of the varying types, regardless of shape, need to be scented before becoming “jasmine tea”. There are a number of methods to do this; from very simple physical mixtures, to complex air filtering and aroma mixing for a pure, light taste. The creation of delicious and effective jasmine tea truly is an art in itself. Jasmine tea extract, which can also be added to drinks in order to gain the health effects of jasmine tea, without having to brew the tea.

One reason jasmine tea is so popular is due to its many benefits to overall health, which come from the nutritional elements in the organic tea buds themselves. Jasmine tea is a wonderful means of adding somewhat uncommon antioxidants to your system which can have a wide range of beneficial effects on your system.

Health Benefits:

Jasmine pearl green tea is rich in antioxidant properties, and can help to prevent and treat diabetes. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and reduces high blood pressure. It also helps to strengthen immune system.

It's unique flavour and fragrance can give relief from stress and intestinal anomalies, reduces the risk of heart attack, and aids in disgestion and weight loss.

Caution: Please avoid to use during pregnancy and excessive consumption.

For this rare tea, you can brew it up to 5 times, we recommend to use glass tea pot or glass cup,  warm the tea pot and cups first will help to keep the tea liquor temperature. Put in one tea spoon of tea into your tea pot or enough to couver the bottom of your glass cup. Boil the water, let it cool down for 2-3 minutes until 85 °C, then pull into the tea pot, wait, then enjoy!

Brewing Method:

3 minutes
  85 °C
3 grams