Fuzhuan Year 2010 - 60g/10 bricks


This is a 4 years aged tea in brick. Dark tea also called aged tea is a post fermented tea. The involvement of micro-organism helps to create special pharmacological effect that is rich in tea polysaccharide. This can help to prevent diabetes, lower lipids, blood pressure, blood clotting, and to improve immunity. Clinical trials show that the special effects of dark tea are remarkable and irreplaceable. 

The infused liquor presents a deep clear reddish color, even after several brewing. The taste passes through your tongue, feels rich, thick, and smooth with a light sweet after taste.

Brewing Method:

Put the tea inside your tea pot (300-350ml). Pour boiling water and wait for 20 seconds. Pour out all the infusion into the tea cups and then pour out from the tea cups as well. This is for rinsing the tea and warm the tea cups, it also helps “waking up” the tea. The second brewing is the beginning of the preparation for drinking. Pour boiling water again, slowly until the teapot is full. Use the lid to skim off any froth. Cover tea pot. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Pour infusion into a serving cup with the filter on top, then serve tea into individual tea cups. Repeat the same procedure for the second brewing. Wait 10 seconds more for each additional brewing. You can brew it for 6 to 8 times. Recommend to use the Gong Fu tea set for brewing as it can help to appreciate fully this great tea!


   1-2 minutes                                                                        
    100 °C
   1 brick /brewing