Xihu Longjing/Dragon Well / 50g


 Xihu Longjing tea contains vitamin C, amino acids and like most fine Chinese green teas, has one of the highest concentrations of catechins among teas, which can promote gastric secretion to assist digestion. Drink it regularly can also boost metabolism, and help to reduce the accumulation of fat cells.

As in history, Longjing tea was granted the status as Gong Cha, which is Imperial tea for royal family drink since 1200 years ago in China, and in the legend, one of the emperor “Qianlong” visited Longjing tea gardens 4 times during his six times holiday outing to Hangzhou. It is a real treasure among other rare teas in China. Usually it is expensive also. Depend on the quality of the tea, the price varies. In China, we divided Longjing tea into six grades:Superior and then 1 down to 5.

Generally we look at the following aspects to see whether it is a good quality Longjing tea:

  • Color: Infused Leaves are a good indicator of the quality, for good quality Longjing tea, the tea leaves is jade green with a little bit brown rice color. After brewing the tea liquor is very clear and presents as a light green color.
  • Aroma: This good longjing tea gives you a long lasting fresh aroma.
  • Taste: the liquor passing your mouth gives you a strong sweet and mellow taste.
  • Shape: Longjing Tea are famous for its unique flat smooth appearance and even size of leaves. Usually one bud with one tender leaf, or one bud with 2 tender leaves.

How to storage Xihu Longjing tea:

Storage this tea into aluminum foil bags or tins, jars which are tightly covered without other odors. This is to avoid exposure under the sunlight. After each consumption, tight or seal the opening well to limit the contact with air. If you have relatively big quantity of tea, suggest to put into freezer thus helps to keep the quality of this tea for a longer period. If under well storage, this tea can last for one year without big quality variation.

How to brew Xihu Longjing tea:

Recommended use 150ml to 200ml spring water for brewing 3-5 grams of tea, for personal use, better choose Yixing Tea Pot, if you also would like to enjoy the form of the tea while brewing, then we recommend you apply glass cup or porcelain gaiwan to brew this tea.

To reach ideal temperature, just let boiling water rest and cool down for 3-5 minutes. Avoid use water has been boiled for many times, as this reduces the level of oxygen in the water and effects the taste of the tea.

Use hot water to warm the cup/ gaiwan/ tea pot first, then put in tea. Pour in water just enough to cover the tea, soak it and slightly shake the cup/ gaiwan/ tea pot for 30 seconds, then pour in water to full capacity of the vessel. After waiting for 35-1 minute, ENJOY! 

Brewing Method:

2 -3 minutes
   75 -80 °C
  3- 5 grams