Pu Erh in small bricks 60g/10 bricks

Pu Erh in small bricks 60g/10 bricks


Original: Yunnan, China

Year: 2003

High quality Pu erh tea in loose. 

This special aged Pu erh has undergone a slow secondary oxidation and a certain degree of microbial fermentation.

Thus the tea leaves appears as a dark or deep reddish color. The dry tea leaf give a clear earthy tone, you may detect a little big woody aroma also.  

Health benefits for Pu erh:

Pu erh tea has been long used in China for medical benefits. This unique tea helps digestion and perfect to drink after a heavy or greasy meals. And recent studies indicates that it has dramatic effects in lowering cholesterol level, help to clean the blood lipid, and even has a significant help in loss weight.    

Brief introduction of Pu erh:

Pu erh is also called aged tea, its name Pu erh actually is named after the trading post for dark tea during imperial China. This is a ripe of Pu erh also called Shou Cha instead of raw Pu erh also called Shen Cha as it passes a process involves an accelerated fermentation into "ripe". Then the tea was stored in loose or pressed into various shapes.

All types of pu-erh can be stored to mature before consumption, which is why it is commonly labelled with year and region of production. The longer it aged, the better the taste it creates.

The processing of Pu erh is usually involved in the following steps depending whether it is a ripe Pu’erh or raw Pu erh:

  1. Green/raw Pu erh: sun fixation > rolling  > sun drying
  2. Dark/ripe Pu erh: sun fixation > rolling > piling > sun drying
  3. Added processes: raw and ripe Pu erh can be compressed/shaped into cakes or bricks shape and aged.


Liquor Color: deep reddish color, very clear, even after several brewings (normally 8-10 times in a Gonfu tea pot).

Liquor Taste: The infusion passed through you tongue gives you a rich, thick, and smooth feeling, a light sweet after taste.

How to store Pu erh tea: We suggest you to store your Pu erh tea in cool, dry area, avoid direct sun exposure and other aromas, and allow some air circulation. It’s better stored in its original PAPER wrapping instead of tins or aluminum tea bags.  


Brewing Method:

Use tea spoon to take out 1 spoon of Pu erh tea, around 6 - 8 grams (depends on personal preference for stronger taste or lighter taste) for 1 personal serving, put them inside your tea pot, pouring in boiling water, and wait for 3-5 seconds, pouring out all the infusion into the tea cups. This process is to wash the tea first before second brewing for drinking. It is also help to wake up the tea. At the same time, we could also use the first infusion to warm up the cups, it will helps to prevent cooling the infusion right away.

The second brewing is the beginning for drinking. We pour again the boiling water slowing into the tea pot until full, use the lid to skim off any froth, and cover the tea pot, wait for 40-60 seconds at least, and pour the infusion into a serving cup with filter on top, then, serving the tea into each individual small tea cups.

Repeat the same procedure as the second brewing, adding 10 seconds more for each additional brewing.

You can brew it for 8-10 times, it can still give a thick aroma, recommend to use Gongfu tea set to brew it as this can help to appreciate fully this great tea!


1-2 minutes
95 °C
6-8 grams