Green Tea Nanshan Shoumei 25g

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Origin: Nanshan, Liyang,Jiangsu Province, China

Harvest Time: Spring 2019

As one of the rare teas in China, to make 500 grams of Nanshan Shou Mei tea, it takes around 60,000 tea buds. The tea leaf usually made of one bud one leaf or one bud two leaves. The name of this tea is based on the shape of the tea as it looks like the eyebrowns of a senior of longivity. 

Shou Mei tea has a very appealing apperance of tea leaf like grass green, when brewing, its liquor is presented in orange yellow colour comparing to the other white teas, you will also find after full absorbed water itsleaves showing a bit white colour and its green veins very clearly compared with other green teas. It contains a very fresh taste and long lasting sweet aroma.

Health effect: 

Green tea has a greater source of antioxidants than any other teas and contains less caffeine. If drinking it in a long term, it will help you to reduce blood pressure, to eliminate fatigue, to detoxify your body, and many other health benefits. Start from today to enjoy all the benefits this rare tea brings you.

3 minutes
  75 °C
3 grams