Cuibai / 50 g


Cui Bai tea is produced in the south mountain region of an ancient city – Liyang, which is famous for its beautiful `Tian Mu Lake`, its delicious fish plate, and its Cui Bai tea.

The name of the tea is taken from the cypress tree, as it has flat straight leaves and presents a brilliant green color. After infusion, you can taste a long lasting strong aroma and a fresh sweet flavour, without a hint of bitter. The liquor presents a clear light green color.

Health Effects: 

Low caffeine/ help to digest/ help to refresh.

How to storage:

Storage this tea into aluminum foil bags, tins, or jars which are tightly covered without other odors, this is to avoid exposure under the sunlight. After each consumption, tight or seal the opening to limit the contact with air. If you have relatively big quantity of tea, we suggest you to put them into freezer. This helps to keep the freshness of the tea last for a longer period, maxim 24 months.

Tips on brewing:

Recommend to use tea pot with a volume around 250 ml for brewing 3-5 grams of tea, if you also would like to enjoy the form of the tea leaves while brewing, you may use glass cup or white porcelain Gaiwan to brew this tea.

To reach ideal temperature, just let boiling water rest and cool down for around 4-5 minutes. Avoid to use water which has been boiled for many times, as this reduces the level of oxygen in the water and affects the taste of the tea.

Take 3-5g of tea which is around 1.5 table spoon, to put into your tea pot. Boil the water, wait for 4-5 minutes until it cool down to around 80°C, as at this temperature, it will prevent to burn the tender leaves of your tea. Then pour water into the tea pot, wait for 2-3 minutes, tasting! You can brew it up to 3 times.


2-3 minutes                                                                                                  


80 °C


3-5 grams/ 1.5 tbs