Tea Gift Set of Gongfu Tea Tasting Kit


This tea tasting kit includes 12 different teas, you will discover a wide range of Gongfu teas in our kit with a glance of some popular green teas; Try them now!  

Selection of Gongfu Teas:

Black Tea 5g each tasting bag:

          Jin Jun Mei / Dian Hong

Oolong Tea 8g each tasting bag:

          Ginseng Oolong / Tie Guan Yin

Dark Tea (Aged tea)  5g each tasting bag:

          Pu erh Year 2003 / Pu erh Year Year 2006 / Fuzhuan in brick Year 2010 / Bai Sha Xi Fuzhuan Year 2011

Green Tea 3g each tasting bag:

         Xihu Longjing (Dragon Well) / Bi Luo Chun / Yixing Mao Jian 02 / Qingfeng 02


In our tea tasting kit, we also prepare one brochure to help you know more about your selected tea and how to prepare them to enhance your tea tasting experience. After tasting, if you know which one you love the most, purchase it now, you will enjoy a 20% off right away by entering the promotion code speically created for you at check out! The promotion code is written in the beginning of your brochure, it is valid for 45 days after your purchase of our tea tasting kit.