Bio Song Yang Bai Cha


This precious tea is cultivated in a small farm with limited production. Mr. He found it in the annual spring tea market in the region – Songyang, which is homeland of white tea. As it is made by hand, about 4000 leaves only results to 500 grams of dry tea. Songyang Bai Cha has been known since the era of Three Kingdoms in ancient Chinese history. It is rich in nutrition, contains 13 kinds of amino acids, twice higher than the percentage that green tea contains. The farmers pick the leaves by hand, that is why each of them in one whole leaf and a bud. Because it is fine made, it can keep its leaves in a nice shape and has a beautiful bright jade colour.

This tea has a premium value among all the other white teas, due to its shape, its jade color, its thick and refreshing aroma and mellow fragrance. 


For this rare white tea, you can brew it up to 3 times. We recommend to use Yixing Zisha tea pot. Take 3-5g of tea which is around 1.5 table spoon, to put into your tea pot(250-350ml). Boil the water, wait for 4-5 minutes until it cool down to around 75°C, as at this temerature, it will prevent to burn the tender leaves of your tea. Then pour water into the tea pot, wait for 2-3 minutes, tasting! You can brew it up to 3 times.

Brewing Method:


2-3 minutes                                                                                                  


75 °C


3-5 grams/ 1.5 tbs