Tea Pet - Earth Color Lucky Pig


Size: 60 x 55 x 50mm

This cute smiling pig is made with Yixing purple clay. In Chinese culture pig always represents good luck and happiness in life. We wish this lucky pig will bring you good luck and contentment in your life.

 “Tea pet” as the name implies, is a small mascot for tea lovers that can be nourished by tea liquor. It symbolizes wealth, fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. And along with the time, it also has the potential value for collection as Yixing tea pot.

They are handmade crafts usually made by Yixing Purple Clay. You can use the spare tea liquor to dip this cute tea pet when drinking tea. The clay will absorb the tea liquid and the appearance of your tea pet will become glossier and touch feeling will become smoother also along with the time.

Nourishing Tea Pet Is a Gradual Progress

As we said that a soft fire makes sweet malt. The same works for raising tea pets. Newly made tea pets usually are not smooth when touch. When nourishing with the tea liquor, it will gradually change its appearance and texture.  Different varieties of tea has different effects on the tea pet. Generally nourish your tea pet with dark tea and black tea are more effective then with green tea or white tea.

Tips on how to season your tea pet:

1. Evenly wipe or pour the tea liquid over the tea pet. The tea pet will looks dappled if the liquid is poured only on a part of its surface.

2. When your tea pet is dry, play it often with clean hands. This can improve the glossier of its appearance.

3. Regularly use tea brush or soft cloth to clean the dust of the tea pet helps to well maintain your tea pet.

4. If your tea pet is stained or has tea dirt on the surface, you can use salt to gently rub the dirt off.