Anji Bai Cha / 25g


Anji bai cha or Anji white tea is one of the six major tea categories in China. It is a new breed among famous teas in Zhejiang Province. However, as a product of green tea processing technology, Anji white tea is actually green tea in white color, with its raw materials being white young leaves of a certain tea plant. As a result of this and its short harvesting period, it is a comparatively rare tea.

Located in northern Zhejiang Province, the Anji County is a famous hometown of bamboos in China embraced by mountains and streams. Ever since 1982, when the local people accidentally found an ancient white tea plant in a valley, the Anji white tea has gradually been known and developed by people. It is a rare variety among tea plants, and the color of its leaf buds can change with the seasons: grey before the Tomb-sweeping Day, which will turn green at the Grain Rain Day (Apr.19, 20 or 21) until totally green. The Anji white tea has a short harvest time lasting about one month, which makes it even rarer.

As mentioned above this white tea is actually a kind of green tea since it’s the white tea leaves made out of the green tea processing techniques. Upon spreading the new leaves out for four or five hours and de-enzyming according to a certain temperature and time, then comes the trimming and drying processes. When new Anji white tea is steeped, it features green stem and white leaves, as well as light yellow tea liquid giving out a fresh and strongly fragrant aroma.

The long, narrow leaves are yellow in colour and have a recognisable fold along the length of the leaf.

A 2010 study found that the tea is high in polysaccharides which can inhibit the hemolysis of blood cells.

For this rare tea, you can brew it up to 2 times, we recommend to use Yixing Zisha tea pot, warm the tea pot and cups first will help to keep the tea liquor temperature. Put in enough tea to cover 2/3 of your tea pot. Boil the water, water until it cool down to around 75 °C, then pull into the tea pot, wait, then enjoy!

Brewing Method:

2 minutes
  75 °C
3- 5 grams