Gongfu Tea Gift Set - Rare Celadon Tea Set


This tea set constitutes of 1 teapot (150ml), 6 tea cups(50ml each) and 1 tea serving cup(140ml).

This is one of our collection tea set, specially designed for gongfu tea ceremony, only 1 set. It presents top arts of celadon tea ware in China.

Celadon porcelain enjoyed a long history. However, large-scale production was acturally begun in the five Dynasties and Northern Song period. Yet, it wasn't until the Southern Song, Yuan and Ming periods, when technological advancement reached a certain height, only then could celadon porcelain production turn out true high-quality wares, and then be tributed to and used in the imperial households.

The term 'celadon' for the pottery's pale jade green glaze was coined by some European connoisseurs. Celadon glazes could be produced in various colours, including white, grey, blue and yellow, depending on the thickness of the applied glaze and the type of clay to which it's applied. The most famous hues range from a very pale green crackle to deep intense green, and intended to mimic the appearance of Jade. In the Chinese culture, Jade has great significance, since it has stone's quality of hardness, purity, constancy and beauty as well. Thus, Jade is liked to the virtues that should be obtained and demonstrated by the ideal Confucian gentlemen.

Please refer to video for details of this tea set.