Glass Serving Cup 310ml

Glass Serving Cup 310ml


Volume: 310ml

Origin: Taiwan

Serving cup or called tea pitcher is an indispensable accessory in Chinese tea ceremony – Chahai as we called in Chinese.

It is specially used in preparing Oolong tea. As a few seconds longer or shorter in brewing Oolong tea can dramatically change the quality and specially the colour of the liquor.

In order to avoid the uneven of the liquor colour, first we usually pour out the brewed tea into the serving cup (Chahai) before being served to our guests. At the same time, the serving cup helps to settle down the sediment of the tea leaves which improve the tasting experience. If you have a strainer, you can also put it on top of the serving cup to further filter out all the tiny tea leaves escaping away from the tea pot.

Enjoy this simple designed serving cup.