Classical Side Bar Gongfu Tea Gift Set with 250g of tea


This Gift Set including:

One ceramic Gongfu tea set: one side bar tea pot (175ml), one serving cup, six cups (60ml).

Two Oolong tea selections: Ginseng Oolong Tea (150g); Tie Guan Yin (100g)

For Gongfu tea lovers, this is the one of the best combination you can find. Classical style of the Gongfu tea set with the side bar of the tea pot, presented in an artistic way of cursive script which is one of the famous Chinese calligraphy style.

At the same time, Ginseng Oolong is a unique type of Mountain Oolong among others, smoothy shape compared with the regular Oolong, with a special taste of mixture with Ginseng and floral. While Tie Guan Yin provides you another sweet fresh taste combined with orchid blossom fragrance.

By choose this special designed gift set, you will save $38 compared to purchase the single items.

You also have the option to choose other types of tea as you like for a total of 250 grams.

Please refer to the above choosing options.