Dian Hong


This tea is one of the most known black teas in China. It has other names such as ‘Golden Tip’ or Huang Jing Hao in Chinese coming from this tea made of only the bud or one bud with one leaf from the tea plant. When brewing, the liquor presents in a crystal clear and reddish golden colour. Smell it, you will enjoy a long lasting fragrance with a slight flower sweetness. Taste it, you can feel a thick, smooth aroma that flew over your mouth.

You can brew it for 3 times, before brewing, warm the cup first use boiling water, choose the cup with white bottom will definitely help to appreciate its beautiful liquor color. Take 5-6 g of tea which is around 1 table spoon, put into your tea pot (250-300ml). Pour in boiled water, wait for 2-3 minutes, tasting!

You can also add sugar, milk or lemon slice into the tea to create your preferred taste.

3 minutes                                                               
  100 °C
5-6 grams/ 1 tbs